Hi, I’m Benjamin LUCAS, and I am a full time freelancer specialized in CG environments for video games and rendering.

I’ve been working for video games companies since 2001, which makes me quite an « old guy » in this young industry ! I was Senior 3D Artist and Art department manager before I decided to quite and create my own freelancer company.

As a gamer since my childhood, and after gaming all those years I can say I have a huge video games culture. When playing new games I can’t help but analyse the storytelling, the gameplay mechanics, and of course the graphics !

I worked on:
– More than 30 very different projects: « Double A » games, architecture rendering, cartoon games, serious games, …
– 13 released video games
– Almost all plateforms: DS and 3DS, PC, PS2 and PS3, Wii, Xbox and Xbox 360, Unity, android and iOS,…

On the « technic/art » slider I’m more of a « technical artist » than a « concept artist ». I am well organized, with a serious sense of budget constraints, and I praise efficency when developping projects. That’s why I like creating game creation pipelines, and I always optimize processes using lots of custom tools and scripting.

I prefer working along with concept artists and art directors, nevertheless I am used to do some concepts, video animatics and art direction by myself when it’s required.
I’m always curious about new softwares and I love learning new stuff and going out of my comfort zone ! I can’t wait to discover the great projects you will come with ! 😉



What can I do for you ?

Game Assets

Game Assets

- Modeling and texturing of environments props.
- Integration, level building and lighting setup.

Commercial images

Commercial images

- Composition, lighting and rendering of CG scenes.
- Photo-realistic images for architecture and product vizualisation.

Technical Art

Technical Art

- Special effects and shaders creation.
- Development of production pipelines and custom tools.

Tools and specialities

  • Expert knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Unity, Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Used to work with all the 3D industry tools : Substance SUITE, Unreal, ZBrush, VRay, Marmoset Toolbag, Xnormals, Trello, Mantis, Sony Vegas pro, Perforce, Git,…
  • Expert in realtime technical constraints and artistical creation process for videogames production: modeling, textures, level building, normal maps, shaders, lighting, integration, physics,…
  • Specialist in making 3D environments creation pipelines, and optimizing processes using scripting.
  • Strong sense of communication and project management. Ability to merge and work in a team.